Compliance Organisation / Whistleblower System

Wilton LLC is part of the Oetker-Group. Ethical and lawful conduct is a top priority for the Oetker-Group in its own business activities and in its relationships with all business partners and customers. Due to the strong international growth of the Oetker-Group and the increasing legal requirements, the topic of Compliance therefore has become considerably more important. Therefore, a Compliance Management System was developed for the entire Oetker-Group.


Within the framework of this system, a Compliance Organisation was established whose Compliance Officers are available as neutral and independent contact persons for any questions in relation to the topic of Compliance.


Furthermore, the Oetker-Group has established a whistleblower procedure that enables individuals, companies and other organisations to report violations of applicable law (e.g. bribery, fraud, violation of human rights and environmental regulations), of the Oetker-Group's internal guidelines (e.g. Code of Conduct) or of the Oetker-Group's Supplier Code of Conduct or concerns regarding a potential or actual violation of these regulations.


If you have any information about possible violations of the law concerning a company of the Oetker-Group, you have various options for sending us your information, also absolutely anonymously via our Compliance Hotline System.


The following reporting channels are available:

  • Compliance Hotline of the Oetker-Group – anonymous message submission
  • Reporting by e-mail to the Compliance Organisation of the Oetker-Group – anonymous message submission
  • Reporting by letter to:
    Dr. August Oetker KG
    Corporate Compliance Committee
    Lutterstraße 14
    33617 Bielefeld
  • Reporting by telephone via a (free) telephone service using a voice message
  • Reports by employees of the Oetker-Group to the management, supervisor, (Group) Compliance Officer or otherwise designated contact person of the respective subsidiary (e.g. in the course of a personal conversation).

We will carefully examine the matter and take the necessary measures.

Within the framework of rules of procedure, we have defined the internal responsibilities and the handling of hints and complaints.